September 19, 2014

Vintage Vest

Vintage Floral Vest

Vintage Floral Vest

Vintage Floral Vest

Vintage Floral Vest

House of Harlow Ring, Vintage Coach Bag
Vintage Vest // Thrifted Shorts // Vintage Coach Bag // Forever 21 Flats // Forever 21 Sunglasses // House of Harlow Ring

Today's outfit is one that goes down as one of my favorites!  I haven't dressed in this more laid back way in a long time and it feels good!!  This vintage floral vest is one I bought at Buffalo Exchange when my blogging friend Abril came to visit.  She was excited to see how I would style this, so I hope she sees this! :)

I remember living in high waist jean shorts last summer and it felt good to put a pair back on.  I forget how fun they are!  I stuck to earth tones in this look by wearing a pair of minimalist flats from Forever 21 and a vintage Coach bag I also found at Buffalo Exchange.  This bag now makes 4 vintage Coach ones.  Gotta love that good leather. :)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! <3

September 15, 2014

Altuzarra for Target Review

Altuzarra for Target

We've waited weeks since we first heard word that Joseph Altuzarra was collaborating with giant retailer, Target.  And now the day as arrived and the scrambling has begun.

Of course, I stayed up late Saturday night to shop the collection online and went into the store early Sunday morning.  To be honest, this collection did not wow me from the start.  As much as I LOVE Joseph Altuzarra as an extremely talented designer, the clothes in this collection seemed too matronly to me; too corporate.  Perfect for someone with an office job, but as a stay at home mom and someone who dresses a little more trendy, I knew I wasn't going to go crazy over this collaboration.

So let's get to the review! 

Altuzarra for Target In Store

I arrived at the Portland Galleria Target at about 9:15 am and it was all pretty well stocked.  This Target got everything in the collection, except online exclusives of course.

Altuzarra for Target In Store

The quality of these boho-inspired dresses was really nice.  Sheer and flowy for the last days of summer.

Altuzarra for Target In Store

I did not try on any of the pencil skirts or the coveted Crane sweater.  In my opinion, the crane sweater looked a little too Golden Girls to me.  And that's saying something when you all know that I love me some good vintage or vintage-inspired pieces.  I just couldn't fall in love with it.

Altuzarra for Target In Store

This Target carried the OTK boots and the ankle boots.  The ankle boots were surprisingly comfortable, but looked a little too witchy to me.  Maybe for Halloween??

And speaking of Halloween, let's get to the fitting room photos:

Black Trench -- Size M

Altuzarra for Target Black Trench

I liked this black trench for the shape and fit.  If I had to compare it to two other collections' trenches (Jason Wu and 3.1 Phillip Lim), I would say it is more comparable to Jason Wu's trench.  The fabric is like a silky brocade, but it is super lightweight, unlike the stiff cotton feeling of the Phillip Lim trench. 

Altuzarra for Target Black Trench

I found the fit to be quite good.  I'm 5'4" and I liked the place where the hem hit.  The sleeves were also cut perfectly.  Not too long like Phillip Lim's trench.

Altuzarra for Target Black Trench

The back had a fun peplum detail that looks great while the jacket is closed.

Altuzarra for Target Black Trench

When the jacket is open, that peplum detail can make your rump look a little more plumper!  Haha.  In all honesty, I liked the trench, but not for $80.  It's too lightweight to justify the price.

Striped Dress -- Size L

Altuzarra for Target Striped Dress

I don't even remember seeing this dress in the lookbook, and if I did, I may have considered it.  I tried this on in a Large which was way too big, and I was too lazy to go back and get a Medium.  I appreciated the lightweight fabric and button up front, but it seemed this particular dress was sewn crooked.

The seam between top and skirt was crooked and the side seams seemed off.  

Altuzarra for Target Striped Dress

I did love the Altuzarra name on the buttons.  A very cute touch!  Bottom line: Save for summer and possibly wait for clearance unless you really like it.

Burgundy Wrap Dress -- Size 10

Altuzarra for Target Burgundy Wrap Dress

Umm...can I just saw eww?  So first of all, someone who got there before me, took all the size 12's of everything, and I figured a size 10 would be pushing it since it has now been confirmed that the dresses ran small.

These dresses are for the curvy, small waisted gals, not those who have straight waists like me.  So let's get back to that Halloween reference.  You know the Halloween costumes that have that silky polyester feel??  Yeah, that's what this feels like.  I literally felt like I was putting on a Halloween costume as I slipped the tight-ass fabric over my bulging biceps.  So not what I was expecting.

The fabric felt so flimsy and yuck!  Seriously, I just didn't like it at all.  

Orchid Maxi -- Size 10

Altuzarra for Target Orchid Maxi

And onto Halloween dress number 2!  The same flimsy, polyester fabric and sausage-like sleeves.  The one thing I did like about this dress is that it was short enough that I could wear flats with it.

Altuzarra for Target Orchid Maxi

Showing a little Angelina Jolie leg.  I know this dress was desired by so many, but I'm wondering what people will think after they have it in their hands.  Or maybe they already have it in hand and they don't care about the fabric.  Who knows, but for me, this dress was not worth the price.

Fur Jacket -- Size M

Altuzarra for Target Fur Jacket

This was one of the pieces I really wanted and after trying it on in store, I'm not sure if I will keep it or not.  It does have a little stretch which is nice, and there are three hook and eye closures to wear it closed when it gets chilly.  Also, pockets!!

Altuzarra for Target Fur Jacket

I just have hesitations about it because the fur feels a little "fake".  I mean, yes of course it's fake, but you can get fake fur jackets at Zara and H&M and they feel higher quality.  This jacket reminded me a lot of the fur vest designed by Skaist-Taylor for the Target & Neiman Marcus holiday collection just with sleeves and no hot pink lining.

I'm still not sure about this one.  I may keep it just so I can round out my fur jacket collection with a black one.  We will see...

Crane Wrap Dress -- Size 10

Altuzarra for Target Crane Wrap Dress

I really liked this dress when I saw the lookbook.  I just don't have anywhere to wear it, so I didn't end up getting it.  And as you can see, boobs on display for the whole world!  You would definitely need to wear some kind of tank top or cami to keep a little modesty.

The slit was a nice touch and I liked the satin lapel, but again, it's just not something I can wear often and so it would just sit in my closet.  Maybe a clearance buy just for the fun of it.

Over the Knee Boots -- Size 9

Altuzarra for Target Over the Knee Boots

I had my heart SET on these boots.  I am such a sucker for over the knee boots.  I want them all!!!  But for $80 I'm not sure if these are worth it.  Why not save twice that and splurge on the Sam Edelman Kayla boot on eBay?  

I did not like the triple loop wrapping around the back of the leg.  In the lookbook, it looked like one loop, but when I had to put the boot on, my foot kept getting caught in the straps and it didn't give a lot of stretch.  It was just awkward.  Or maybe I'm awkward.  Who knows?

Altuzarra for Target Over the Knee Boots

The boots were not too uncomfortable, but I did size up a half size to make sure I could wear these with tights or socks.  The faux leather is similar to other boots/shoes at Target.  Again, I'm not sure if I will hold onto these or not.  $80 is a lot to spend on shoes I'm not in love with.  We will see once they are delivered this week. 

All in all, the Altuzarra for Target collection was not my favorite.  I missed the fun and youthful vibe of past collectons, and I wish more women would have been able to take part in this collaboration if they had offered a plus size option.  I found the fabrics to be cheap in some aspects and I did not like the over all fit of the dresses with a banded waist.

Remember, items ordered online have a 14 day return policy after item arrives, unless you used your RedCard.  I'm not sure about items bought in store.  Keep a look out for online exclusives to be returned in store in the next few weeks.  Online exclusives are discounted heavily!!

What did you think of the Altuzarra for Target collection??  Let me know in the comments!!

September 12, 2014

Florals and Leather

Target Crop Top; H&M Skirt

Target Crop Top; H&M Skirt

Target Crop Top; H&M Skirt

Target Crop Top; H&M Skirt
Target Crop Top // H&M Skirt // 3.1 Phillip Lim x Target Purse // Thrifted Bass Ankle Boots // FitBit

Since spending my 2nd summer here in Oregon, I can definitely feel my style is changing.  I think it's because I do a lot more things here.  I'm always going into Portland and walking the city or finding new outdoorsy things to do.  And I distinctly remember writing in this post that I was still going to wear my heels no matter what....

Well, I guess that went out the window! :P  I still do love my heels and wear them from time to time, but I can't really scout my beautiful city in sky high stilettos.  Thus, it's time for me to start investing in cute boots and flats.  Enter this thrifted pair I scored a few weeks ago.  Love the croc-embossed finish and there's enough of a heel to give me some height but still keep my feet comfortable on my long walks.

It's a change that I'm embracing because it will bring out a new side to my style!  Hope you all have a nice weekend! <3