November 17, 2011

What a Whirlwind!

It's been quite the little 5 day adventure.  Changed time zones by 4 hours.  Endured four 4 hour flights with my 19 month old.  Survived on very expensive Puerto Rican and airport food, and now I'm finally home and exhausted!  It was such a fun experience and if my camera hadn't gone kaput, I would have been able to capture more photos.  Enjoy the ones I did get though.  Outfits to resume tomorrow! :)

Sorry for the grain.  This is our ocean view room.

Our fabulous, comfy bed!

The view from our room.

Around the side of the mountain is the fun water park we went to everyday.

Get that camera out of my face, Mom!

My sexy pool hurr.  LOL.

Me and my bug right before dinner.


Belle de Couture said...

Gorgeous views! Whata cute lil boy ;)


Ashley said...

Ooh fun! Looks gorgeous and relaxing!

John G. said...

Great views. The little one looks so cute :)