December 19, 2011

How to Get Beachy, Wavy Hair

Helloooo lovies!!  So I'm back again with another hair post.  I had been getting a few comments here and there about the curl of my hair and it's softness, so I thought I would share what I normally do and use on my hair.  I know there are crazy hair tutorials out there about curling your hair, so I'll just give it to you easy. :)

After having a baby, my hair went kaput.  It was thinner than it had ever been and I was determined to keep growing it out, even though the length made it look even thinner.  So I did a little research, made my way to Ulta and picked up a few products.  The two products I use pretty religiously are Fat Hair and Nick Chavez Thickening Cremes.

I read the reviews online and they seemed fairly positive.  After using them, I am sold!  They leave no sticky residue in the hair, the hair feels soft and moisturized, and I actually think it helps my hair dry a little straighter.  Perfect for anyone who flat irons.  And they weren't too expensive.  The Fat Hair is a pretty darn big bottle and I think it was $6.  The Nick Chavez is definitely smaller and about $1 more.  But even with my long hair, I barely use any product, so I know they will last me awhile.

So here's what I do:

  • After showering and towel drying, comb gently, and apply a dime-sized amount of Fat Hair to the lengths of your hair.  Don't just slap it on!  Rub it around in your palms and use just your fingers.  It ensures that you don't get a lot of product on only one part of your hair.
  • Put a little on your finger tips and apply it to your crown area for some height!
  • Blow dry as you normally would.
  • Heat up your curling iron.  I've curled my hair with flat irons, but sometimes I feel it takes longer.  And the curl is different than what I usually do, so I use my 1 inch curling iron.  Target: $10.
  • I usually section my hair from bottom to top and then split each section in two so I curl from both sides.
  • Take a section of hair and wrap it around the barrel.  This gives your hair more of the classy S-wave curls and not spirals.  The bigger the section of hair, the looser the curl. :)
  • Continue on up until you finish and give your hair a little shake.  No one likes perfection, right? 
  • Now, take a small dime sized amount of the Nick Chavez Lotion, rub it through your hands and scrunch into your curls.  Use any leftover lotion and smooth through the top of your hair.  That's where you get the silky smoothness.

And that's it!  Play around with the types of curls you get and how messy or sleek you want it.  Have fun!


Sassi said...

lvoe your curly hair!

Moon Child said...

Good to know-I love anything that gives fuller hair! Your comment made me laugh on my 'tacky' sweater dress...I kinda loved it too;) XX

Izzy said...

thanks for sharing more great hair tips! :D I've never heard of those brands, but I'll definitely check them out since they're such bargains anyway. your hair is gorgeous- beautiful soft curls and enough volume! :)

Style-Delights said... have lovely waves here..My hair is so frizzy that only flat iron works on them..Any idea how to tame frizz..John Freida serum didn't work!:-(

Naara said...

You have beautiful hair