January 25, 2012

Forever 21 and H&M Haul

I never realized that hauls were so popular until browsing blogs and youtube.  It's fun seeing what other girls are buying.  It almost kind of satisfies the need to shop.  Almost.  LOL.  I thought I'd make a post showing what I got from F21 and H&M while down here in southern CA.  Hope you like it!

Cream colored fringe top from F21.  Can't wait to wear this in the spring and summer.  So hippie and so my style. :)

Cream crochet skirt.  I've been looking for one of these for a while.  I was so glad to find it!  From F21.

Black culotte shorts from F21.  It's hard to see what they really look like but these are so cute!  Sheer and flowy.  Great for summer. 

Black bermuda shorts from F21.  I fell in love with the tulip shaped pockets.  So soft and so comfy.  Love them!

Gold and multi-colored necklace from F21.  So pretty in the light and pastel colors that are perfect for Spring.

Cowboy hat ring from F21.  Just thought this was so unique and cool.

Gold metallic top from H&M.  When I saw this online, I knew I had to have it.  I've been craving metallic fabrics all winter.

White and black blouse from H&M.  So soft and silky and totally on trend.

And the creme de la creme!  This gorgeous khaki trench 50% off.  Fits like a dream and is so classic.  It's no Burberry, but it comes pretty damn close.  

All of the H&M stuff was on a gift card so in total, I only spent about $90 on the F21 stuff.  That's good for me!  LOL.  Look for all of these things in upcoming posts! :)


Heather Jean said...

good stuff! :)

The Key To Chic said...

Nice haul! I want the 1st 4 pieces, especially the fringe top. Saw it online and I'm so obsessed with fringe! Can't wait to see you wear it! My gold jacket was bought on sale in late December, and I don't see it on Macy's website, but there are some similar baby Phat versions. Enjoy your new purchases!

Audrey said...

Perfect choices, all classic and versatile. Especially that crochet skirt from F21. Great find! www.casualglamorous.com

Carly said...

Looks like you did well!!! I love that first boho chic fringed number..can't wait to see how you style it..and everything else:)

Linda said...

Oh man, can't wait to see how you rock these pieces! I love every single one <3
Especially the shimmer top ;)
Great score on the classic trench! Looks gorgeous


NauticalWheeler said...

LOVE your finds! Especially the first 2!

From Brooklyn with love,


Joandy said...

great buys, makes me wanted Summer even more:))

Sarah Whitney said...

That crochet skirt is seriously gorgeous!

thecriminallyexpensive said...

I have to second the above! That skirt is seriously too beautiful I caanot wait to see it in a post :)



Carla Cee said...

love the laces <3

alison*elle said...

I love haul posts like this... I agree that they're *almost* as satisfying as shopping. The crochet skirt from F21 is super cute!

xo, alison*elle

Jen @ redsolesandredwine said...

What a great haul! I want that F21 crochet skirt as well as the silver H&M top.

Red Soles and Red Wine

Interwebs Fails said...

I want it all! :D

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

LOVE the bohemian fringed H&M top and the jeweled F21 necklace! =)


Dana said...

Lovely pieces :D

pembe fiyonk said...