February 10, 2012

Back to Basics

And the sky was grey...Of course after I brag about the warm weather, it gets cool again.  I wanted to wear my new Jason Wu for Target skirt today, but no.  Eh, it's a spring skirt anyway, so I'll let it linger in the closet for a little while.  Patience...

The grey sky put me in a neutral mood.  Whenever I'm feeling "f93jbisal" (code for blah), I fall back on my black, whites, and creams.  You can't ever go wrong with that pairing.  I still wanted to jazz up the look with my big hat and statement necklace though.  It's so fun, the stares you get while out and about wearing a hat like this.  I guess with age comes confidence though because I don't care!  I should probably make business cards for my blog and hand them out and tell them that they can now stare to their hearts' desire!

ooo...I'm in a weird mood.  Watch out.  Have a great weekend everyone! <3

See a very similar way I wore these leather shorts for warm weather!

Sweater, Hat, and Boots: Forever 21 // Shorts: H&M // Purse: Aldo (Crossroads)

PS.  I have something really cool planned for you all on Sunday so make sure you come back and visit!!


Caitie said...

I'm with you on that... can always rely on some good neutrals! love the hat on you!


Asher said...

I'm in love with this look! It's absolutely fabulous!! :) My favorites are that necklace & those shorts!!

Anna C said...

The hat is so cute and the necklace is stunning!
Love the outfit.

Pamela said...

GREAT outfit!! I love your blog girlie, just came across it today, new follower! Keep in touch!

Joandy said...

love this basic but not boring look, very chic!!!

Tonya said...

LOVE this!! The hat looks so good on you! And I adore the leather shorts. I need to get myself a pair. They're adorable.


Outside Looking In said...

Love the neutrals and those shorts looks great on you! Nice look!!


GIAA said...

great look!


Moon Child said...

one of my favorite outfits on you yet! X

Audrey said...

I agree! You can never go wrong w/black and cream! you look so chic! Have a great weekend xo www.casualglamorous.com

Gillian x said...

I'm crazy about those shorts! And I can never pull off a hat :(


The Midwest Muse said...

You are so stylish! I love those shorts with that floppy hat and that neutral top. Perfect pairing!

Velvet Bloom said...

gooooorgeous! love love love this outfit! you pulled it off so well :)

Joyce said...

I love your shorts, the neutrals colors are great!

jess said...

The leather shorts look really cool.

Sarah Whitney said...

Love that bag! Aldo never fails to impress me with their ahh-maze accessories. Hope you're having a great weekend girl!

lucia m said...



Cindy said...

wow! Your hair, your makeup, its gorgeous!!!
come check my blog? :)

Cindy C.

Izzy said...

love it Toni! :) another amazing outfit. the floppy black hat looks so good with the leather shorts. and the accessories? perfect! love the second picture of you walking, your bootie heels are incredible too! :) this is one of my favourite outfits from you, keep up the great work!


Vale said...

Beautiful boots!!!i'm following you!!!if you like mine, do the same!!
bloglovin follower

Maddie said...

Such a chic outfit! I really love you necklace!!


Heaven said...

Your look is beautiful.

I invite you to

Virgit said...

oh my such a lovely look so elegant you remind me on a Gucci style I have seen shorts and the flappy hat love it so stylish as always Gorgoeus in love with your booties and can't wait to see your skirt I'm for sure you gonna style it pretty well

Well... said...

Hahaha, you should definitely make blogger cards! Can you imagine? That'd be so funny.
And I am so glad you wore that hat out and that you don't care, because it is fabulous and just makes that already great outfit so much better :)
Love the simple color palette. You look so stylish!


Life's a shoe said...

I love the outfit!!! loing your use of neutrals with black and i love your accessories!

Lauren said...

This look really works for you! I wish hats like that looked half as good on me as they do on you! You have a sweet blog and I love your blog name!


Ashley said...

Love the shorts, this whole outfit is adorable :). Happy I found your blog, I love it!




Jessica said...

Love this outfit!! SO chic! And that purse is to die for!