February 07, 2012

DIY: Color Block Clutch

Hey everyone!  I have been itching to get back into sewing (it comes and goes in phases), and I thought it would be cool to do another DIY.  I've been seeing some INCREDIBLE DIY clutches lately and I thought I'd make one.  Home made clutches are pretty easy to make and require basic sewing skills.  Hopefully you'll find this tutorial easy.  As always ask any questions and I'll guide you through.  Enjoy!

  • 1/2 yard of coordinating fabric.  Always check the remnants section at the fabric store!  Sometimes you can get amazing fabric!  Can be whatever material you fancy.  Leather and vinyl will be more structured than cotton or suede.  But I used suede. :)
  • Matching thread
  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • Pins
  • Zipper (needs to be longer than your measured bag)
  • Lay out fabric for cutting.  
  • All measurements can be however big or small you want.  For this I'm using 16 inches long by 13 inches wide.
  • Cut the beige fabric 12 inches long by 13 inches wide starting at the fold .  You should get a folded square of fabric.
  • Cut the black fabric 4 inches long by 13 inches wide starting at the fold.  You'll get a folded rectangle of fabric.
  • Put right sides of fabric together and sew one of the black edges to one of the beige edges.
  • Put right sides together again and sew the other black edge to the other beige edge.  
  • You should now have a tube of fabric. 
  • Where the black and beige meet, this will be the bottom of the clutch.
  • Carefully cut the top of the beige fabric to open up the tube.
  • Now we're going to add the zipper.  I wanted a heavy duty zipper so I bought a coat zipper.  Coat zippers don't go smaller than 20 inches, so I had a lot of leftover.  But that's okay.  Just make sure the zip is longer than the width of your clutch.
  • Lay beige fabric right side up and zipper right side down.  Pin for sewing.
  • Top stitch the fabric and the zipper so that the fabric doesn't get caught in the zipper when opening or closing.  This step is optional, but I always do it.
  • For the other side, lay the beige fabric right side up and the zipper right side down.  Pin for sewing.
  • Top stitch again.
  • Now you have another tube of fabric, but this time with a zipper in place!  Almost done!
  • Open your zip a few inches and turn your tube inside out.  You'll need it open in order to turn the bag, so don't forget!!
  • Sew up the sides of the bag and when you get to the zipper, fold it in half like in the picture.  Sew over the zipper carefully and do it a few times to really hold it in place.

  • Cut off the extra ends of the zipper and the corners to reduce bulk on the inside.
  • Reach through the hole in the zipper and pull the bag right side out.

Yay!!!  You are finished!!  Now you have a super cute DIY Fold Over Color Block Clutch!


    Lola said...

    Great idea! I was i was better in sewing and had a sewing machine :)

    Audrey said...

    Wow, you are seriously creative. I really love that clutch! You should sell them on Etsy!! P.S.- looks like you got some cute Jason Wu for Target items. Can't wait to see them on the blog! x www.casualglamorous.com

    Stephanie said...

    Wow that's amazing!


    Asher said...

    Oh. My. God. I'm IN LOVE with that!!!! What an awesome idea! I agree with Audrey a few comments up...you should seriously sell them on Etsy!!

    Baby Budget Blog said...

    Wow, really great! I agree with Asher, you should sell this! I need to get myself a sewing machine!


    BROKEN.WHIMSY said...

    Naw cute DIY hun. Echoing the sentiments from the others and you should definately consider selling them! So much fun to play around with too ^^

    Eeli xx

    Evi said...

    WOW THIS IS AMAZING!!! I will try it definitely!! thank you so much for sharing!!!

    Would you like to follow each other?

    Evi xoxo


    jocox said...

    LOVE this!!


    The Key To Chic said...

    So cute! I love your talent and creativity! It looks amazing. You should get the tee, it would look so adorable on you!

    CourtneyElizabeth said...

    This is so cool! I'm going to try to make one in something super bright, like royal blue. I'll let you know how it turns out!


    comfyspace said...

    amazing ! I like it :)

    xoxo, Roxana @ comfy space

    cecilie andrea torp said...


    NaNa said...

    Wow that is fabulous. Seriously looks great. It looks like a designer clutch. ^^

    Love from the NaNa girls x

    Sofie said...

    awesome, looks amazing! ♥

    Well... said...

    Oh wow, this is soo cute! <3
    I'm definitely recruiting my mom (she's got the sewing skills) and showing her this. Haha, thanks for sharing!
    Also, not quite my birthday ;) Haha, its on the 10th. But thanks anyway! Your kind comments always make me smile!


    Caitie said...

    You make this look so easy!!!! I will have to attempt it... though I am nervous for the outcome :)


    maverick diva said...

    ahh I love this!!




    Urszula said...

    wow I wish I have time to do some sawing! I just love your idea!

    AquĆ­ said...

    LOVE it! I have had LOTs of comments asking me to make a clutch tutorial and I have been sooo busy! Im thinking instead I'll put together a little compilation of good diy clutch tutorials. Can I add yours to the list? You chose gorgeous colors!

    lucia m said...

    love your diy!!


    fashionhypnotised said...

    Thanks for stopping by and for the lovely comment sweetie! Would you like to follow each other?
    Fashionhypnotised girl

    Ruth Arthasya said...
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    Ruth Arthasya said...

    Inspiring post<3 Love your DIY.

    Following you.
    I'm glad, if you visit, comment, and follow my blog:)



    Esther said...

    Hi there

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog.

    Have to say this post is brilliant, how creative are you, wished I was neat at seeing but seeing as this looks relative simple I might give it a try!!

    You have a new follower!

    Esther xx


    Esther said...

    Seeing is meant to be SEWING, doh!

    Izzy said...

    omg, wow. I've never tried my hand at sewing before so all this looks a little complicated- but looking at the outcome of your amazing diy clutch, this is definitely something I want to try out! I might try it out with a shiny or faux leather sort of fabric, not sure if that would also work. either way- thanks for sharing! :) this is definitely going to be fun to try!


    Naina said...

    Wow, this turned out AMAZING! Love how you did it all yourself, great job!


    Moon Child said...

    So impressed - LOVE IT!! Nicely done!! X

    FanceeeNanceee said...

    This is such a great DIY! Thanks for the comment on my blog! I am now a new follower! You have great style!

    Virgit said...

    wow it looks awesome think will give it a try love it it looks so profesional well done sweetie

    Blair Badge said...

    I wish I was this crafty!! This is fantastic Toni! If you start selling color block bags... Let me know! ;)



    Anonymous said...

    Did you know that DulceCandy87 stole this idea from you?... She steals everything.