February 13, 2012

Dressed Up and Down

Finally wearing my new H&M top before it starts getting warm again.  Do you ever have epiphany moments when planning outfits?  Like you're sitting there brushing your teeth and all of a sudden you're like, "Oh snap!  That will totally work!"  Well that's how this outfit came about.  I decided to dress down my top with the boyfriend jeans, but then dress it back up with the heels and more dramatic make up.  I liked how it turned out.

What do you think?

Blouse: H&M // Jeans: American Eagle // Heels: Payless // Clutch: DIY

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Maddie said...

Really lovely outfit! love the heels! :)


Marianne M. said...

hey dear thanks for your advice on curling my hair to mke it look like yours, i'll definetely do that.
love your outfit btw.

Asher said...

Love the outfit :) Gorgeous!! And there's that fantastic DIY clutch of yours again!! Love it!!

Audrey said...

OH, this is SO my style! You know how I love dressing up a pair of distressed bf jeans! Love it, girl! Perfectly put together! x www.casualglamorous.com

Outside Looking In said...

Really LOVE this whole outfit! You look so classy!! I never thought of wearing my black stilettos with boyfriend jeans.....thanks for the inspiration!


PAPS said...

I love the way you put it together too.

Well... said...

Oooh, I definitely like this outfit too!
You strike the perfect balance between casual and stylish <3 Your jeans paired with everything else looks great. Sometimes I have trouble with keeping my outfits simple. Haha, I know, its ridiculous, but I have too much fun adding prints or accessories and it can be a bit much sometimes. So maybe you can try mixing prints this summer, I'll try mixing more neutrals ;)


Caitie said...

great clutch!


Dale JaneƩ said...

This is perfect, I love the black and white top with the jeans. It's a great look and you pull it off so well. Love the jeans and heels


Samantha Alice said...

You look so great! I am a bit partial to cuffed jeans and chic heels...I don't know what it is but i think people should always have their ankles on show...haha

PAPS said...

Thanks for visiting me. Do you like to follow each other? Let me know will love to follow back.

Nina said...

just amazing;)

Brenna said...

Loving your heals! I keep seeing people with great Payless shoes, gotta check them out!

janni said...

I loove your hair! And that clutch!


Josie said...

Ohhh I love the contrast blouse and the clutch! Thanks for that tutorial. I am gonna save it for later :)

-Josie, 8bitgrayscale

Jenna said...

I love that top and those heels! And your hair is gorgeous!!

Moon Child said...

love this look - those heels are awesome. I wish I could wear (broke my foot awhile back and can't do the high ones:(( Theres that DIY clutch too!!

Sarah Leonard said...

Love your looks!!!! You have great style!