February 05, 2012

Trendy Hair for 2012

A new year has started and everyone is discovering what's going to be hot in fashion for 2012.  But you may be wondering....what's going to be hot in hair for 2012?  And here's where I come in.

Whether you're looking for a drastic change or a subtle change, there will be a trend for you.  So let's begin!

Short Styles

  • The bob is classic and will never go out of style.  But in the last few years we've been seeing a move from sleek to texture.  Spice up your A-line style with soft waves, volume, razored layers, and lots of texture!  
  • Ask your stylist to texturize or softly razor the ends to give movement.  
  • For styling, use a large barrel curling iron, some surf spray like Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray or Sunsilk Waves of Envy, and you're done!
  • The shag is a cut that has been around for a while, but becoming increasingly popular because more and more people are embracing their natural texture.  This cut is great for those who want wash and go hair, have wavy hair, or want volume.
  • For styling, add in a styling lotion or soft mousse to your hair and diffuse and scrunch until dry.  Perfection!
  • The pixie is another fantastic short style that will turn heads in 2012.  Try it with an eye-skimming fringe or soft wisps along the neckline to add some edge.
  • For styling, use a texture wax like KMS Hair Play Dry Wax and piece out the ends to your hearts' desire.

Medium Styles

  • Medium styles can be spiced up with a long, square fringe to draw attention to your eyes.  Made popular by ladies like Zooey Deschanel, it helps add dimension to a low maintenance length.  
  • Ask your stylist for a fringe that is long enough to cover your eyebrows and tapers off into the sides.  
  • The long, angled bob is also perfect for medium length hair and can still give you that volume you desire.  Perfect wearing straight or waved, it gives the illusion of a polished look in that in between phase.

Long Styles

  • Becoming popular in 2011 and still continuing into 2012 are braids and plaits.  Easily achieved with long hair gals, there are so many varieties of braids to spice up your look.  
  • Try the Milk Maid braid, the 5 Strand Braid, or the Inverted French Braid and Bun.

  • If you're over braids and want to try something new, try twists!  Seen on the spring runways, this is an easy, fuss-free style that is easily achievable on all hair lengths.

  • Long layers were very popular in the early 2000's and are starting to come back again.  For a while we've seen a lot of short layers among ladies with long hair looking to achieve that bouncy, volumized look.  But things are going more natural, and natural calls for...well, natural looking hair.  
  • Ask your stylist to cut long layers throughout the back and a few shorter face-framing layers in the front.  Use that large barrel curling iron or flat iron to achieve beachy waves, and don't forget to protect your hair by using a heat serum like Nexxus Heat Protexx or Pantene Style Heat Protectant.


  • Ombre and balayage hair don't seem to be trending out anytime soon, but the contrast is lessening. For darker haired gals, go only 2-3 shades lighter.  For blonde gals, add dimension by putting in lowlights to give the illusion of balayage.  Both are low maintenance and don't require numerous salon visits.
  • Cool browns and blondes seem to be getting requested more and more.  Even in the fall and winter when ladies like to get a little warmth, the most requested colors are those that are more matte with a few golden tones.
  • Ask your stylist to help you choose a cool, matte color for your over all shade, and then piece out a few hair strands in the front and top in a nice warm color to add dimension.  

So what are you going to try for 2012?


Virgit said...

amazing post sweetie well I think I stay with my ombre hair that I love so much and will leave it longer and in layers.
Ps: The sunglasses you ask me on the blog I bought them at a dutch warehouse call v&D for only 7.50 euros cause it reminds me to the celine sunglasses that I want so bad ;( but love my sunnies anyway ;)

Joandy said...

great post, i love Olivia's hair, but i'm still growing out my bangs, and that 5 strands braid is amaaaaaaazing!!!

Well... said...

Man, if there's one thing I struggle with styling, it's my hair!
I'm trying to grow out my hair since I tried the medium length last summer. I've also been thinking of a very deep, mahogany reddish hue to add to my dark hair...I don't know though, we'll see!
Thanks for this post though, its given me ideas :)
Now if only I wasn't so lazy when it comes to my hair! I'd definitely do that twist hairstyle and curl my hair. That's gorgeous!



Glad I've stumbled onto your post hun as I've been feeling abit non-plus about my straight bob cut for a while. Even though I've thought about adding waves I think Im gonna go for it and get me a wee perm lol. Lovely commentary too! Wish I had the long hair to pull off those beautifully longs braids =)


The Key To Chic said...

Are people still doing rainbow colors? I love the braids and twists, I am inspired to watch some tutorials so I can try some new styles! Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Sabrina said...

beautiful hair!!!

Freaky Friday

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Porcelain complexion said...

Such a great post!
I LOVE the braided styles!! Especially the reverse french braid / bun <3

Just became a follower xo

Carmen said...

Hey dear, I gave you the "Liebster Award", check out my blog to read more about it :)

Caitie said...

I'm loving all the braids! great inspiration pics!


Style Servings said...

Great overview, I'n loving all the gorgeous braiding in the long hair! But also adore Olivia's medium length.. Can't decide which style I like best for my own hair!!


lebellebow said...

i wish i had long hair :'(


Jennifer Rod said...

These are good tips. My hair is really curly so cutting it is not an option. I decided to lighten my hair this year, so I've begun the process with highlights. I think im doing good. Color is looking good!

Moon Child said...

....from the hair expert, awesome post! I always want something different/to branch out, but in the end it seems to remain bangs and long hair! Maybe a little color could change things up! XO

TamzLavender said...

I really like the twists hair style. I'm gonna try it!

Opal Starla said...

does any one know what color blake lively's hair is in the picture above?

The Love Hanger said...

Hi Opal!

Blake Lively's hair color looks to be a Level 10 N(natural) with very small pieces of a Level 10 G(gold) mixed in. Hope that helps! <3