March 15, 2012

Cool and Casual

After a few days of dressing up, it's time I dressed down.  That's what I love about fashion; you can dress however you feel!  I paired my brown tribal print tank with my favorite boyfriend jeans.  And of course, my favorite pair of Jessica Simpson wedges.  But I'm so sad to say that I think they are too small.  My feet grew when I was pregnant and these pinch my toes now. :(  I scoured the internet for these babies for a month trying to find them, so even though I can't really wear them, I can't give them up yet.

Do you ever hold onto something even if it's the wrong size or out of style, just because you have a connection with it? It's probably sad, I know, but I love them.

Have a great Thursday my loves! <3

Tank Top: Forever 21 // Jeans: American Eagle // Wedges: Jessica Simpson // Purse: Urban Outfitters


The Key To Chic said...

I do hold onto certain things for sentimental value. I adore the combo of bf jeans with heels. Casual and chic! Hope your week is going well, and thank you for being a loyal reader. I appreciate it so much!

Gabriele said...

love your top!! :)
Much love, Gabriele. xx

Caitie said...

such a fab top!!


Audrey said...

Love the bf jeans, Toni! You should buy a shoe stretcher for your shoes! I have a pair of shoes that I love so much and they're definitely small. I keep shoe stretchers in them 24/7 and they have definitely stretched out!

Audrey said...

Toni, I bought this shoe stretcher from Amazon and its worked great!

There are tons on Amazon to choose from! xo

Joyce said...

The boyfriend jeans are amazing, I love how they are distressed a bit. It looks lovely with the wedges, I wear shoes that are sort of uncomfortable because they are just too pretty to not wear too.

Joandy said...

love your top, and tear jeans so cool!!!

Izzy said...

Hey Toni! hmm I've seen the AA mesh top lookalikes in a few stores both locally and online actually, but I don't remember the names >_< I just remember noticing how so many stores were just taking the stock from wholesale sellers and putting their own tags on them. I've never had to pay customs on Ebay myself so I don't really know if you'd have to pay, and how much? It's definitely available on Ebay though! haha sorry I couldn't help very much!
love your look btw, it's very casual and breezy! :)

The Midwest Muse said...

I'm in love with your jeans. I love the style and the cuff and how perfectly they fit you. Those shoes are amazing and I can totally see why you wouldn't give them up. And what girl doesn't hoard clothes because they're perfect no matter how small/big? I tried to will my feet into a pair of Steve Madden wooden heels from the thrift today, but there's just no way I'm a size five. So basically, I understand. Also you should look on the internet for ways to stretch shoes. It involves bags of ice and freezing your shoes, but I did it and it really worked.

Junah Cagang said...

love the pants. great style.
Interesting blog, I really enjoyed browsing it :)

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Well... said...

Ooh, love your cool, casual look <3
And aw man, those shoes are so pretty too! Ugh, I do that all the time...ha, I just can't bring myself to let go of some tops or bottoms because I think "Maybe I'll lose an inch and then it'll fit just right" Pff, yeah right. Haha, I'm slowly learning to let go. Although its tough!
Anyway, great post Toni, I always enjoy reading your blog :)

Trendy Teal

Josie said...

Hey Toni!

Very fun casual look! I can't believe you can wear a tank top in Fresno at the moment! It's very chilly in Sacramento, and rainy at the moment! Lucky!

I have 3 pairs of pants I am still holding on. I am hoping I can have a healthier diet and be able to squeeze back in to those jeans. One of them is a Rock and Republic I bought two years ago from Nordstroms. I was too lazy to get them hemmed and never even got to take them for a test drive (what an idiot I was..). Now not long are they still un-hemmed, never been worn, but sleeping in my closet ;\ I paid a pretty penny :(

My other is my Dojo from seven for all mankind. I lived in those.. now they're too tight for me. ugh! The other is one I don't wear as often and kinda forgot about when they DID fit me.. now I can't wear em, lol

Can you try stretching it? I am not very familiar with that process but I did read a tip a long time ago...... Put a ziploc bag of water in the shoe then put it in the freezer. It will freeze the water and cause it to expand a little. You might have to look this up because I don't actually know if that's safe, lol :( don't give em up though!

Please check out my giveaway: $25 gift certifate to! Thanks.
- Josie :: 8bitgrayscale

Josie said...

Btw! I like the changes on your blog! I hate to admit but previously with the comment link at the TOP of the entry post it would drive me insane! lol! Now it's easier to comment after reading everything....... yea I'm that lazy!!

But!!!!!! the main point of this 2nd comment is to alert you that i saw a pair of "mint" jeans (really stretchy too!) at Marshalls! Picked em up at $15!! on clearance!!! But they're not actual mint. I would say they are closer to a really dark mint? lol It's kinda green but I think it matches the Spring trends currently. Ugh! I suck at naming colors. I will show you a pic later :)



cute outfit! i love the jeans!


Josie said...


I feel your pain! I actually sold ~5 pairs of 7fam, 1 R&R, and 2 paige's to Crossroads!! Yea, gave me $130 lol UGH!!!!!!!! What an idiot I was. I should have posted it to ebay or something. Paige used to be my favorite, I felt like they gave me a booty, lol something I very much lack! :o But my current fav is Joe's..... o.m.g.

I never owned a citizens of humanity because I couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger.. but I tell you I lusted after many washes.. still do.. I get so excited when I see others wear them. lol Maybe I should check out Nordstrom's Rack. Besides the 3 I am holding on I also have 2 R&R that "fit" but give me a CAKE top.. yes not a muffin top but a CAKE top lol

Can I ask what size yours are? If it's personal you dont have to answer!

At my Marshalls I saw them have 2 Joe's jeans, 3 Paiges, and 1 7FAM. Not at once, just over a period of time.

You just have to go at off times, like 11am on a weekday lol I try not to go on the weekend because I know most things will be picked over. I saw a SUPER cute Free People blush lace skirt but it was just a tad too tight for me, it was on clearance $29! aghhhhhhhh!

Okay I wanna go back.. but fridays are kinda a miss too, lol I keep forgetting to ask them when they get most of their new inventory or when they mark things down. A few of them recognize me.. I feel like the associates at Marshalls and Target hate me lol

"Oh.. it's this beezy. what is she trying to return now?" lol :(

Josie said...


Ohhhh man! That's my size, girl! :D lol I was size 27 but now 28. I got most of mine from Crossroads too, just a few from Nordstroms Rack. I'll have to try Crossroads again. I'm only down to 2 pairs of jeans that fit me lol I am similar to you but instead of a booty I have big thunder thighs (nick name from hs ;/) and big calves! First time I tried Skinny jeans I thought they were a scam cos I couldn't get it past my ankles, lol

Paige is such great quality! I think the reason I'm in love with Joes is because they actually fit me and I'm too lazy to try and buy more ;(

I am happy to help! I just emailed them :) It's funny, I get emailed that a lot! It's true it seems difficult to find out that type of info!

I just apply on their websites! There are a few I'm currently waiting on from hearing. Some are fast to respond and others.. not so much! lol

You should definitely try! I think OASAP is a good one to start with :) I was able to talk with them over live chat because I wasn't sure I would be able to qualify with less than 100 followers, but they approved me over the live chat! And I've suggested the live chat to others and they also expedited their application!

If you need more help feel free to email me anytime! I can send you samples of what I wrote, warning: extra cheesey alert, lol :)

Anna C said...

love boyfriend jeans!!

Pop Champagne said...

love this cool and casual outfit you put together! the print on the top is so pretty!

Moon Child said...

I was the queen of holding onto things I never wore simply b/c of a memory or the thought that MAYBE one day I'd wear again :) I've tried to change that as my closet over overspilling! Love the relaxed look and boyfriend jeans, happy friday! X

Velvet Bloom said...

i want your jeaaans! period