April 13, 2012

Fancy Florals

Oh no.  Not those pants again.  LOL.  Yes, it's the H&M floral pants every blogger known to mankind has been wearing lately.  But what can you expect when they are cheap ($14.95) and extremely cute?

That little Jason Wu Facebook group I belong too actually helped me score these pants.  It's become more than just Wu there now.  We have bonded and become friends and now we all help each other find cute steals and if you need something that you can't find, there are ladies to help.  I loathe the fact that there is no H&M in Fresno and I desperately wanted these pants.  So my Wu Sisters helped me out and now I have a pair!  Haha.  Take that, H&M!

Well, my loves, the time has come to bid you farewell.  Tomorrow is my son Orion's 2nd birthday and after that we are going to Pismo Beach for a few days.  I can't believe my baby boy will be 2.  So crazy.  And he loves sand and water, so what better place than the quiet beach town of Pismo.  Hope you all have an amazing weekend and I'll be back with some fun photos from our trip!! <3

PS.  Happy Friday the 13th!  My favorite day!

Top: Jason Wu for Target // Pants: H&M // Purse: Forever 21 // Heels: Seychelles (Crossroads)


TheTinyHeart said...

The floral print pants are so cute! I can't believe they were only $15! Have a great time celebrating your son's birthday this weekend :)

The Tiny Heart

Jenna said...

I really love those pants!! I want some too! lol... And the blouse looks really good on you. Such a pretty color.

Stefania B. said...

love your trousers!!! :)


Ashley K said...

Love the top with those pants glad you were able to find a pair! Hope you have a fantastic trip happy birthday to your little guy :)

I awarded you with the Liebster Blog Award


Caitie said...

who cares that so many people have these, you are totally rocking them! have an amazing time celebrating your baby's bday... so special! I love pismo beach and if he loves sand and water he will be happy as a clam :) ! can't wait to see pictures!


Well... said...

I think I've missed out on the party with these floral H&M pants! I want a pair too haha. They're the perfect print. Love how you styled them too :)
You have got to have the best collection of shoes! I love each pair you have <3
And that's awesome how the Wu group has helped you score those pants. Nothing can stop fashionistas from coming together haha ;)

Trendy Teal

Joandy said...

yes, these floral pants, i almost got them:)) love how you pick the color of the top to go with it, you look gorgeous dear!!!

Trinnah said...

I need to join that group ASAP because we don't have an H&M down here where I live, too. I simply have to live vicariously through all the bloggers that own this piece. It's an amazing versatile, yet trendy piece, and I want it. It's a blessing in disguise though because I'm sure it'll look funny with my pregnancy frame and all.

I love how you styled it. Kept it simple yet colorful so that the focus is the pants. You have another great look once again, and that's why I keep coming back! :)

Katie Q. said...

These pants look lovely on you, I think everyone loves them so much becuase they are so wearable! Love it with the light blue Jason wu top, adorable! :)

MarieStella said...

gorgeous colors!! love your shirt and bag!! stunning pants!!
maybe you want to take part at my romwe giveaway:)

Sootjeelina said...

Great outfit! I really love that top and pants together, and your shoes are great too!

xoxo Sootjeelina <3

pembe fiyonk said...

hi hunni! like ur floral pants.. u really look nice in it.

Silkybow said...

I love your hair and pants girl!
The pattern on your pants are amazing :D

Asher said...

Oh my gosh! I have seen the skirt in that pattern, scarf, and I just bought the dress to wear to a fashion show tonight! haha I love it!! It's such a fun bright collection :)

triggermyfashion said...

You look great in this outfit. I too can't still get over floral prints..P.S: your pants are damn cute

The Key To Chic said...

I love taking trips to Pismo and SLO. It's so scenic and relaxing! Happy birthday to your son! Hope you have so much fun!

I love that the FB group helped you get those trousers! I searched high and low for them for weeks and finally got them during the Marni launch :) They look ultra chic with that top, I adore the colors!

Lindsay said...

I'm in love with those pants so don't worry about wearing them too much. I would love to find a pair. I never saw those at H&M but I have seen them around the blogs. I've been wanting to go more ombre with my hair, too and might have to use your photo as a reference for my stylist. Glad I found your blog!!

Lindsay Living

Benlovesting said...

I love your pants, you look cute in it!

Joyce said...

Your floral pants are so pretty and I love that color top! I really wanted those pants too, i'm going to go look for them when I go to SF this week :)

Josie said...

awww! I think it's great and the top matches perfectly with it!!! I love how you kept your bag and shoes neutral so all the focus can be on the pants :) Love that bag too!! It's adorable!

And so exciting Orion is 2!!! I hope you all have a lot of fun at the beach :)

Izzy said...

ahhh! those H&M pants again, noooo...haha just kidding! I actually really adore those floral pants! We don't have a H&M here in Aus and I haven't found anything like them locally, so I'm very jealous you got yourself a pair (and at such a bargain too!) the blue top is gorgeous with it too :D


Satin and Souffles said...

I am in love with this look! The colours & style! You're so beautiful x


Daria said...

loving every single item! very nice outfit

Daria, the Fashionsurfer

Bonnie said...

You are really rocking those floral pants. I love the print!

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Moon Child said...

Lol...a fashion student was JUST in my office wearing those :) Seen a lot or not..they look adorb on you! XO

The Midwest Muse said...

These pants might be all over the internet, but they look SO GOOD ON you. Maybe one of the few people that I've seen rock them decently.

Cari Cantrell said...

LOVE your blog! and I am not sick of those pants yet! :) They look fantastic!

xo, Cari


MateaTPol said...

pants look really cool on you! and i love your heels!

Marie - Mylittlediarycloset said...

Gorgeous look, I love this pant!
Kiss from France, http://www.mylittlediarycloset.com

jas said...

love your pants!