February 28, 2012

American Girl

The awesome thing about the Jason Wu for Target collection is that I'll have an outfit for the 4th of July!  The collection has a lot of navy and red and after deciding on the top today, I thought I'd go one more step in the classic direction and wear my H&M trench.  It was actually perfect weather for this khaki staple!  Rain and clouds. :)

Want to know a secret?  This is the ONLY red top I own.  I am just not drawn to red items and last summer, I purged my only red top.  So this one has now taken it's place and it's not even that red!  LOL.

Any colors that you don't own a lot of?

Trench Coat: H&M // Top: Jason Wu for Target // Jeans: Paige // Purse: Aldo (Crossroads) // Heels: Jessica Simpson // Necklace: Forever 21

February 27, 2012

Valley Girl

I feel like it's been a lifetime since I've blogged.  I normally do my posts ahead of time (easier with my son) and I'm so glad I did last week.  I can't even tell you how sick I was and how it just came out of nowhere. I'm still not 100%, but at least I could get out of the house today.  Even grocery shopping sounded fun because it was away from the house!

Anyway, I realized after I put this together, that I felt very 80's Valley Girl.  The high ponytail, the ankle boots and mini skirt...I could be an extra in a John Hughes movie.  :)  I also looove my House of Harlow inspired necklace I got off of eBay.  I love the geometric design, but without the big price tag.

Have a great Monday everyone! <3

Sweater, Blouse, Skirt, Boots, and Earrings: Forever 21 // House of Harlow Inspired Necklace: eBay // Purse: H&M

February 24, 2012

Links a La Mode Weekly Roundup

Hey everyone.  Sorry for the lack of outfit posts this week.  I've come down with an insane case of the flu this week and the couch has become my best friend.  It's a shame I've had to miss out on this incredible weather too. :(  Hopefully I'll be feeling well in the next few days to do some outfit posts.  In the meantime, my post on the DIY: Peplum Top was chosen in this weeks Links a La Mode Weekly Round Up for IFB.  I'm so excited to be chosen a long with some amazing posts from other fashion bloggers.  Check them out when you get a chance!

Springing Forward

Edited By Taylor Davies
I don't know about all of you, but I've been ready for spring since about, mmm, December. I love cold weather, I love snow, I love bundling up - but I saw so many amazing trends and looks during September's fashion week that I could hardly wait to wear. At least in New York, it seems like winter barely even arrived this year. Today for example, it's about 60 degrees in Manhattan! Everywhere people are in their shortsleeves and sunglasses, it feels an awful lot like spring is already here.

From the looks of this week's Links a La Mode submissions, I'm not the only one with spring fashion fever. There were so many posts about trends and looks we'll all be embracing - or are already! From printed pants to neon bags, ladylike dresses and the upcoming Marni for H&M collection - and of course some inspiring DIY projects - everything's coming up floral! Check out this week's inspiring and fashionable posts, and as always, thank you for the wonderful submissions!


Dresses at Shopbop: Milly, Kalmanovich, Joie dresses, James Perse, ISSA, Thakoon Addition, Minkoff, Tibi, Black Halo, Nation LTD, Ohne Titel, Chalayan & Velvet Dresses

If you would like to submit your link for next week’s Links à la Mode, please register first, then post your links HERE.

February 23, 2012

Cat Fight

Got myself a cool pair of cat eye sunglasses from Old Navy!  I love the ombre effect from a light grey to black on the frames.  Cat eye sunglasses are coming back into style but with a little twist.  I remember being in junior high when cat eye frames became popular again.  Back then though, the style was slimmer and more closely tied to the vintage ones we see in the 50's.  But today's versions mix the vintage with the "bug eye" look of popular frames today.  Either way, I love how they look!

What do you all think of cat eye sunnies?

Blouse and Clutch: Forever 21 // Pants: H&M // Heels: Payless // Sunnies: Old Navy

February 21, 2012

DIY: Peplum Top

Hey everyone!  Back with another DIY.  There are so many trends going on right now and I find myself wanting to make the pieces I see.  It saves me money and it's fun.  Hope you enjoy this one!


  • Old shirt (should be fitted)
  • Fabric for the peplum
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Pins
  • Tape measure or ruler (not pictured.  Sorry!)
  • Try on your shirt and make a mark where your waist is.
  • Cut about a half inch below that mark for seam allowance.
  • Measure your waist.  If you want a pleated peplum, add about 3-4 inches to your waist measurement.
  • Lay out your peplum fabric and make a semi-circle using your waist measurement.
  • Cut along that semi-circle.
  • Determine how long you want the peplum to be and measure down from the semi-circle.  Add a half inch for the seam allowance.
  • Cut along that line and you should now have a circle of fabric for the peplum.
  • Turn your shirt inside out and start pinning the peplum to the shirt.  The right side of the peplum should be touching the right side of your shirt.
  • If you cut extra for pleats, add in the pleats where you want them.
  • Sew or hand sew the peplum to the top.
  • Turn right side out and admire your work!  Woo hoo!  Almost done.
  • Finish the bottom edge of the peplum by turning under and stitching closed by hand or by machine.

And you're done!  Really easy and super cute peplum top.  Any questions, just message me!  Have fun!

February 20, 2012

Frilly Bows

Spring is coming with its neon, pastel madness and all I can think is classic black and white.  I think it might be because I don't want to "spoil" my spring/summer items yet on the blog.  Hee hee.  I did decide to add a pop of color with my floral turband.  I was thinking about making some of these myself, but for $3 at Forever 21, I'm probably saving myself some money!  They have tons of colors, so if you're looking for some, check out the site!

I have to tell you about these pants.  A few years ago, Zara sold a pair like this with the ribbon bow to tie in front.  Of course there was no Zara remotely close and the pants were like $80.  One day I was cruisin' Goodwill and I found this satin pair of harem pants just hanging out.  My stepmom added the ribbon bow for me and just a few days ago, I slimmed down the leg a bit to make them tapered at the ankle and voila!  $3 pants that look just like the Zara ones!  I love these pants!

What do you think? <3

Blouse: Old Navy // Trousers: Vintage // Turband and Clutch: Forever 21 // Heels: Payless

February 19, 2012

Fig and Faun Giveaway WINNER!

Hey everyone!

Thanks to those who participated in the Fig and Faun Giveaway this week.  I'm really excited for the person who gets these gorgeous earrings!  Now onto the winner...

Congratulations: Jenna of http://bowsandleopard.blogspot.com!!

I will email you with all of the details shortly.

Stay tuned for more exciting giveaways coming soon.  And yes, internationally! <3

February 17, 2012

Wooed by Wu

So here it is.  The debut of one of my pieces I bought from the Jason Wu for Target collection.  The highly coveted poplin dress!!  In this dress, I have never felt more ladylike and beautiful.  Seriously.  I can see why so many women love Jason Wu's designs.  He really does know the female body and how to accentuate the positive.  The fitted bodice and full skirt complement each other and give that hour glass figure.  Something that is hard for me to achieve because I have a very flute-ish body.  My bust, waist, and hips are all within a few inches of each other.

I also feel a little Olive Oyl in this dress.  Probably because of the navy blue and stripes at the bottom.  But that's okay.  Popeye is my favorite cartoon character.  :)

Have a great weekend everyone! <3

See another way I style this Jason Wu for Target dress for 4th of July!

Dress: Jason Wu for Target // Heels: Seychelles (Crossroads) // Watch: Target

PS.  Last chance to enter the giveaway!  Your chance to win could be great!

February 16, 2012

70's Babe

Holy cow, it was so windy today!  Out of the 40 or so pictures my husband took, about 30 of them had my hair in my face or my shirt doing weird things.  LOL.  I had to stand away from the wind which is why I'm turned to the side in all these.  If I wore a white, billowy dress, I could have seriously done some Marilyn Monroe-esque poses. :)

I found these jeans at Target when I got the dress from Tuesday's post and they were only $8!  I love well fitting cheap jeans.  The ring I got from Forever 21 is so fun!  It kind of reminds me of a little piece of armor.  My husband said it scares him.  Well, sometimes fashion is scary. :)

Hope you all have a great day and don't forget the giveaway ends Sunday!

Vest: Vintage // Blouse, Heels, and Ring: Forever 21 // Jeans: Target // Purse: Aldo (Crossroads)

February 14, 2012

Darling Dress

I posted on my Twitter account a while ago that I was super impressed with Target's spring dresses.  It was hard to choose just one.  And because this dress fits so well, I may need to beg and plead to the hubby to buy me another one in a different color.  This was my Valentine's Day gift, but a girl can always use another dress just because...right?

I love the vintage looking flower bud print, and the ruffled cap sleeves.  Such a girly, sweet dress that I'm going to wear over and over.  I didn't take a close up of the braided belt, but I'm pretty sure it's a 5 strand braid (which I know how to do now!) so I can make some in other colors. :)

Hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day!  No day for me because the hubby is out of town, but he did take me to dinner over the weekend.  Giant smooch to you all my dear readers! <3

See another way I style this floral dress with a leather moto jacket!

Dress: Target // Clutch and Necklace: Forever 21 // Heels: Seychelles (Crossroads)