Interested in being a sponsor for The Love Hanger?

The Love Hanger is a personal style blog that started in October 2011.  My focus is mostly on showing how to mix vintage and modern clothing to create unique looks, as well as tips on how to successfully shop recycled clothing stores.

As of September 30, 2014:
  • Twitter: 385 Followers
  • Instagram: 613 Followers
  • Pinterest: 472 Followers
  • Bloglovin': 187 Followers
  • Unique Visitors: 36,683
  • Monthly Page Views: 54,415

If you feel that your product or company will be interesting to my readers, please don't hesitate to contact me: thelovehanger@gmail.com.

Advertising Options

  • Product Giveaways
    • I like to engage my readers in the clothing and accessories I wear and I welcome companies who would like to bring their product to my readers.  If it's something that I myself would buy, then I'm sure my readers will too.  I try to keep my giveaways related to the content of my blog.
  • Product Reviews
    • If your company is not interested in a giveaway, but instead a review of one of your products, I am happy to oblige.  I am always honest in my opinions with my readers, and always make sure to have complete information from my sponsors in order to ensure unbiased opinions.  Again, all products sent to me for review will have to be related to my blog content.
    • I will also accept products to be incorporated into my existing wardrobe and will/can be featured in numerous blog posts after the initial.  Items are always referred to as C/O and will link back to your company every time.
  • Reader Discounts
    • All sponsors can allow my readers to shop your online store at a discount at your discretion.
  • Public Relations/Appearances
    • I am available to attend store openings, as well as preview upcoming collections if they are located in the Portland Metro area.  Specifics about forms of compensation, in return for informative and promotive blog posts, can be discussed through email. 
To request a full Media Kit, please email me: thelovehanger@gmail.com

All companies chosen to be featured on The Love Hanger will be decided upon by a case-by-case basis.  All rates are subject to change after the term conditions are met, dependent on growth of blog.  Contact me for more information: thelovehanger@gmail.com.  I look forward to working with you! 

Disclosure: Clothing items and accessories linked in my posts may or may not be commission based.  I try to link to original product items, although in some cases, a similar item suffices.  Any products I receive in exchange for a review post will be noted and my honest opinion will be given.